February 23, 2010

The Power of the Breast

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Those of us that choose to breastfeed to do for a variety of reasons... because we know it is healthiest for both ourselves and our babes, because it's free and convenient.  Most of us continue to breastfeed, though, because of the amazing bond that it creates.  Breastfeeding is like being in love.  There is nothing in this world that compares to the sight and feeling of a babe at your breast.  Pure heaven.  Hands down.

If you're a new mom starting out your breastfeeding journey - or if you're pregnant and awaiting the birth of your babe, the most important reason to breastfeed is to give your little one that heavenly feeling too. 

My almost four year old Elea, who was weaned when she was three, likes to hold my breast every night before bed.  A few nights ago, she said "Mommy, I don't feel close to you if I'm not holding your breast."  I was struck by her ability at such a young age to express such a deep emotional concept.  Although phrased in the negative, her message to me was simple - my breasts bring her physical and emotional connection, safety, and love.  My constant, loving presence in her life surely brings her these things, but in her mind, they all derive from my breasts.  Breasts are wonderful, powerful things!!

If your baby could talk, she would probably use the same words as my Elea.  Your baby loves breastfeeding - so much that she'll wake up at night to do it!! - because your breasts are the ultimate in comfort, love, juicy warm goodness.  Give her all that love at every opportunity - night and day - and she will grow and thrive in your love.

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  1. Sweet, adorable baby. Time sure does fly...

  2. What a lovely post and reminder to enjoy those middle of the night feedings that are so much more than just "food" to my 15 month old. Brings up wonderful memories from my nursing time with my oldest, too. Now at 4.5 years, he snuggles in to my chest for big hugs when he really needs extra love and support. He says even though the Mama milk is for his baby sister, it makes him "really happy" to snuggle in to my bosom. Thank you Katherine for stirring these memories!

  3. Thank you Lori, and thanks for commenting! I love that your son still remembers the goodness of the breast. Isn't that wonderful?

  4. What a beautiful post! My 2 yr old DS sleeps most of the night with his hand on my breast...it is amazing how much comfort and security it gives him!

  5. Sheryl, isn't that so beautiful? These times are so precious...

  6. I just love breastfeeding my son. He can't tell me himself yet but I know that it gives him comfort and makes him feel secure. I am praying that he doesn't try to wean himself off any earlier then he needs to.

  7. Philippa, I hope for your sake he doesn't wean early either :) It's such a wonderful gift to be able to nurse, isn't it??

  8. Oh, lovely! I totally agree. Particularly as they get older, breasts are about so much more than food, aren't they? I've tried to imagine how it must feel to be a baby cradled against my mother, and I imagine love and security and warmth and acceptance. Who wouldn't want that!


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