April 18, 2010

Watch Your Language

In 2004, scientific researcher Dr. Masaru Emoto published a ground-breaking book entitled The Hidden Messages in Water.  In the book, Emoto states that water can absorb, hold, and even re-transmit human feelings and emotions.  Using high speed photography, he proves that crystals formed in frozen water look vastly different depending on the words and emotions they are exposed to. When a person tells the water sample that it is loved, and/or directs gratitude toward it, the water crystal blossoms into a beautiful, snowflake-like pattern full of rich diamond color.

Conversely, when the water is exposed to negative thoughts and emotions - "I hate you" - or "You make me sick.  I will kill you." - the water crystal becomes asymmetrical, disjointed, and dull.

Emoto's experiment also holds true for rice. One unschooling family, The Sparkling Martins, put cooked rice in two different jars. On one jar, they put a label that stated "Thank you. I love you." On the second jar, they put a label that said "I hate you - you fool." Every day, at least once, the family would pick up the jar and read the words on the label with as much emotion as they could muster. The results of the experiment: a month later, the rice exposed to love and gratitude was as fluffy as it was the day it was put in the jar. The rice exposed to anger and hatred became moldy and fermented.

What do we take from Emoto's work and from the Martin's experiment? That words and emotions are unbelievably powerful. We have the ability to protect, heal, and bring beauty and joy with our loving words and intentions. We can also cause decay, and break things apart with words of hatred.

If our words are this powerful on water and rice, can you possibly imagine how they affect our children? Think about what words and emotions you directed at your child today. Did you tell your child you loved her? Did you express gratitude for her? Or did you get angry and yell and tell her she should be ashamed of herself?

We want our childrens' bodies, minds, hearts and souls to look like those beautiful, colorful snowflake molecules. Thus, we must make every effort we can to make sure the words that leave our mouths are empowering, loving, and as filled with gratitude as possible. Make sure to tell your child every day you love him. Make sure to tell him every day you are grateful for him. If you are feeling angry, make sure that the words you speak do not disparage. Tell your child you feel angry, tell him what actions he's taken that have caused you to feel that way. Never use words that hurt and hate.

Emoto's work is a great reminder of us to parent consciously.  Watching the words (preferably choosing the words!) that come out of our mouths becomes far easier when we think of those water crystals and rice.

Special thanks to Robin C for bringing the Martin's water experiment to my attention, and thus the idea for this post!  Photos from clearwisdom.net.

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  1. This post made me cry - what a shocking analogy about the effect of our words. Thank you, thank you for writing it. I had never heard of those experiments. I'm definitely featuring this in my monthly "Link Love" post!

  2. wow this looks really interesting!!

  3. Dionna, so glad it touched you :) And thanks for the link love!! Alexandra, yes, the experiments are so incredible!

  4. Oh My God! I can't believe you wrote about this. That's incredibly awesome.
    I read Dr Emoto's books years ago after it caught my attention in the "What the Bleep Do We Know" movie. I absolutely love his books and the message they give us.
    I highly recommend everyone watch the movie and read those books. It's fascinating and makes so much sense.
    We cannot dispute that everything is energy and is therefore affected by the energy we exude.
    Thank you so much for sharing this with your readers.
    Hmm, I should do the same on my blog, huh?

  5. I love this! Dan and I have a pitcher of water and we wrote word like LOVE, KINDNESS, AND HAPPY all over it. Who knows if it's actually working but in my opinion it is. We are putting all those things into our water we drink each day.

  6. I wandered over here from CodeNameMama and am find this fascinating!!! I must admit I am a bit of a hard sell on these ideas...but I do certainly agree that the words we use everyday have an unbelievable effect on our children ( or in my case on my precious grandchildren) and on everyone around us. I think if we ALL just interacted with everyone around us more thoughtfully and positively, this world would be a MUCH better place for all of us!!! Thank you for the thought provoking article. Now I am off to get two jars and run my own experiment on some rice...!!!!

  7. Ruth Ann, thanks for your comment! It is amazing research - both with the water and the rice. Definitely worth trying to replicate! And you're right - positive words and actions would make for such a more beautiful world. Thanks for your visit!


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