April 26, 2011

My Children's Book on Night Weaning - Published at Last!

A few years ago, I lay awake in bed in the middle of night when suddenly, inspiration struck.  Into my mind popped the title and words for a children's book on night weaning.  The title: Nursies When the Sun Shines.  I lay there thinking of these sweet lulling words - words a mama would say to her nursling about nursing when the sun came up in the morning ... and when the words wouldn't leave my head, I grabbed a journal and wrote them down.

As I am ordinarily an analytical writer not prone to creative writing, I knew to sit up and take notice at this little gift from God.  I knew the words must become a children's book, although I had no idea how children's books are even produced and published.  Being the Type A person that I am, I researched and read and contemplated the traditional publishing model (get agent, send to publisher, fingers crossed they'll take notice and you get published); however, I quickly set that aside in lieu of producing the book myself.

Over the next two years, I created my own publishing company, located and hired a fabulous and gifted illustrator - Sara Burrier - enlisted the help of my multi-talented brother to do the design work, located and hired a book printer... and now, drum roll please.....

Nursies When the Sun Shines - A Children's Book on Night Weaning - is now available for purchase.  Woo hoo!!! It's a gorgeous book - it's a beautifully constructed hard cover with durable pages, and with illustrations that bring to mind the classic Good Night Moon.  I think you'll like it.

It is my hope that it will be a great tool for my fellow nursing mamas to help them communicate to their toddlers that nursing is for daytime and sleep is for night.  I've been in the trenches - with a toddler that woke every 2 hours at night for 2 years.. I wish I had this book then!

The book is available for purchase at www.nursiesbook.com and costs $9.99 plus shipping/tax.  Autographed books (should you want one!) are $12.99.  Should you be in the Los Angeles area, you can also pick one up at the Los Angeles office of Midwife Davi Khalsa or at the Green Diaper Store in West Hills.

If you order one, I'd love to hear your thoughts - perhaps even feature your comments on my website.  So let me hear from you!!

- Katherine


  1. I just posted this link on my facebook page and now we're talking about those nights trying to balance the needs of our toddlers or preschoolers with our own, especially when tandem nursing with a newborn. We like that the child on the cover is a young child and not a baby, and in bed next to mommy!

  2. Alisa, thanks so much for your comment, and for telling your FB friends about the book. It's too bad there are so few books that feature older nurslings, isn't it?? Another book that we have at our house is Breastmilk Makes my Tummy Yummy.. it features pics of older nurslings and even tandem nursing. I read it to my LO often!!

  3. Nursies is sitting on our bookshelf and has gotten great responses from our clients. I hope we'll get you a sale or few. Do you have a business card or postcard we could slip inside the book so people can take it with them and visit your website?

  4. I just had a lightbulb moment too...and thought, oh my goodness, I must write a book about night weaning for toddlers! Then I looked it up and saw your beautiful book and just purchased it. So excited to receive it!!! I'll try and leave a review on Amazon.

  5. Hi Esther - great minds, right? :) I will send the book off to you - hope you like it!! Thanks for the review too!

  6. WHAT?!! This is your book?! You would not believe how many people I have recommended this book to! We love it!!! Gigi really thought this book was about me and her... she would ask me why there was a cat in the pictures (we have a dog) and where her cracker cup was in the picture :) Thanks so much for writing such a beautiful book!


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