September 30, 2011

Candles for an Intentional Birth

So this post is my attempt to contribute something that is "Pinterest"-able :)  Have you been on that site? There are so many beautiful things and visual ideas there.  As a person who is more about expressing ideas with words versus as things, I have to say I feel a bit like a Pinterest-lurker.  I can, however, make one contribution -  one beautiful visual kinda-crafty idea:

Birth intention candles.

Here they are:

I made these to hand out to my dearest friends at my baby shower last year.  They're kind of a takeaway from a Blessingway - where mamas join together to celebrate and bless the birth journey of a new (or repeat) mama.  I inscribed each candle with a word that described the birth that I intended for myself and my baby.  The one pictured in the photo says "Painless."  Others said "Easy" "Peace" "Love" and "God." 

I asked each friend to light their candle while I was in labor, and while it was lit, to hold in their heart and soul the intent I had for my birth: beautiful, easy, painless, fast, and complication-free. 

I truly believe in the power of visualization and intention-setting in birth, and that that power is multiplied when others gather with the same vision.  Indeed, my birth with Juliette was exactly what I envisioned.  I am grateful to my dear ones for joining with me to make that happen :)

If you'd like to make these candles for your blessingway or shower, it is super easy.  I got the candles from the 99 cents store! I purchased etching creme and stencils from Michaels and stenciled in the words per the directions (pretty darned easy).  And tied on a pretty gold ribbon.  Voila, done!

So there it is - my one crafty idea.  Share it, will you? :)


  1. Oh, share it I will! In fact, I just did ;) I love, love, love this idea. I think it's Birthing From Within that talks about the idea of having one's circle of mothers keep a candle burning for them during their birth. I studied hypnobabies, too, in which visualizing and setting intention for the birth you want is a big theme. I love how this combines both of those things :) I will have to remember it when I'm preparing for my next birth!


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