October 7, 2011

Celebrating my baby's first birthday

Just a little post to put up a video I created in celebration of my daughter Juliette's first birthday.  She was born one year ago today...in the wee hours of the morning.  What a beautiful, beautiful day.  I am full of love and gratitude for this sweet and wonderful little girl.  Motherhood is the greatest gift on earth, don't you think?

PS - there's a little nipplage in there - I am a proud breastfeeding mama, you know :)  So don't let it shock ya!


  1. Awwe, this picture of her sleeping around your neck was so cute! Well, they all were, but that one made me chuckle out loud :) Happy Birthday Juliette!

  2. Katherine, truly and magically beautiful! : )

    Wishing Juliette a most dazzling birthday!!!

    And, (((HUGS))) to you inspirational mama! : )

  3. Katherine this video is so wonderful. I so remember that morning, waking up early, I could feel God at work. And sure enough we got the text message that you were in labor. Baby Juliette is a blessing to this world, just like her mommy.

  4. I really enjoyed watching Juliette's first year movie - just beautiful - what a lovely family you have. I instantly related to it - firstly because I'm a mum too but secondly because our youngest, William, was born on the same day 6 years before in the early hours. So the 7th of October is a special day in our house too.

  5. Denise - thank you for your comment! Oct 7 babies are wonderful - I bet William is too :)


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